Ready for a Green Business? Answer These 3 Questions

By Derek Goodman What does green business mean for you? A green business, or eco-friendly business cares about the environment and the people it serves. Often, ecopreneurs invest in non-toxic, fair trade products and focus on how to create sustainable facilities. Before you can begin your journey, you have to determine your readiness. So here are some Read More

Small Business Grants? Here You Go…

By James Chittenden Let’s start a good article with bad news by busting a myth; “I should receive free money for my startup or small business”. Inaccurate information is everywhere; that government agencies provide grant funds for entrepreneurs and small businesses. There is no pot of free, unrestricted money from the government to start or Read More

How To Avoid and Address Late Payments

As a business owner, you know how important it is to bring in customer payments on time, so you can pay your bills. Yet securing prompt payment from customers and maintaining customer loyalty can be a significant challenge. One Click Advisor invites you to explore these tips about how to avoid and handle late payments while remaining customer-friendly. Clear Read More

Five New Ways to Increase Your Profits. Part 4: Update Your Break-Even

Revisit Your Break-Even Each Month and Reset Your Sales Goals Each Time. By James Chittenden Expenses change all the time, and therefore the revenue you must earn to pay them changes too. “Break-even analysis”, also known as ”break-even” is a misunderstood term, and means different things to different people. The path to increasing your profits Read More