What Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, and One Click Advisor can teach you about creating a startup budget.

Costs to start businesses vary wildly according to industry, location, and size. Clearly, it costs more to start a car dealership than it does to start a lawn service. But when it comes to startup costs, you must plan for the unplanned. We know that business planning can be a dry subject. Check out the Read More

Can I set up a corporation or LLC if I live outside the United States?

There are many people outside of the United States who wish to establish U.S.-based corporations or LLCs. Business owners who live outside of the U.S. choose to do so because they have U.S. customers, or U.S.-based investments or property. They frequently want U.S. bank accounts as well, and need to accept or make payments in Read More

“Getting Things Done Through People Who Do Not Care” Series Part 2

“Getting Things Done Through People Who Do Not Care” Be unstoppable! You had it right when you were a baby, before the world taught you that persistence is pesky. Learn from a baby. A baby does not stop crying until her need is met. Is there a step by step process? Again, success is not Read More

“Getting Things Done Through People Who Do Not Care” Series Part 1

“Getting Things Done Through People Who Do Not Care” “The dark side puts up walls and has you believe that they are made of steel. In reality, they are made with paper mache”. –Colin Powell Think of the last time you achieved something significant. How did you do it? Do you remember the force you Read More

Stories from the bank: “Re-size the business”

“Pete” owns and operates a well-established plumbing company, founded in the 1920s. Pete had about two dozen employees and was a fixture in his community and the local Chamber of Commerce. For many years, his business thrived, providing plumbing contracting services to the local public school district. In 2008, the collapse of the real estate Read More

Stories from the bank: “Comfortable waiting”

“Johnny” founded an LLC. The LLC was to be an a.m. radio show that covered topics of music, nightlife, and the social scene in New York City. He was also planning an informational website in conjunction with the show with an e-commerce function that would sell promotional merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, key chains and Read More