How to save money on business taxes

By James Chittenden Business success is fun, but business taxes are not. They are an unavoidable part of making money, but there are ways to save money on business taxes. Use these strategies to improve the lives of yourself and employees, save some money on your business taxes, and increase your take-home profits.  Tony Morales is Read More

Coronavirus. How to quickly change the direction of a business.

How does it feel when a good situation rapidly turns uncertain? You may have had a steady paycheck, contract, or supply chain with a large “reliable” company, institution or government. After watching large gatherings, contracts and jobs vanish on short notice due to coronavirus, you are unlikely to ever take these things for granted again. Read More

HR Solution for Startups and Small Business

Small businesses can be competitive employers and provide their people with security and a good living. However, jobs at large companies are normally sought-after and openings are competitive. One major reason is perceived security and quality benefits. Startups and small businesses often find themselves competing against governments and large corporations for talent. But, the thinking Read More