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If marketing brings the customers in, and operations keeps them, finance keeps score. This is the banking end of the business. One Click Advisor can help you find and manage money. Additionally, there are ways to obtain money without going to the bank. Let One Click Advisor show you the way as you fund your business, or even find ways to improve cash flow and profits within the business you have now.

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How to Get a Business Loan Without Going to the Bank

In generations past, getting a business loan was a painful experience if the bank didn’t know or trust you. If you were old enough to be in business before the mid-1990s, you may recall how formal the process was. You had to make an appointment with a loan officer, gather your financial statements and tax Read More

How equity helps small business founders get wealthy.

“If you can get people to work for you for free, you must be really good.” Founders should expect to work for free, without a salary, for an indefinite period of time, for something that has an 80 percent chance of failure. That is why most people won’t do it. Sure, some solopreneur founders will Read More

Act Now! You see it coming, so gather the following…

There are many disasters that can befall a business. Fire, flood, weather damage, and even mass shooting or terrorism can strike your business. You can’t usually predict disasters, but at least you can see a hurricane coming. In the event of a hurricane, you can often buy insurance up to 72 hours before projected landfall. Read More

Coronavirus economy. Here are various financial lifelines available to entrepreneurs.

From OneClickAdvisor to you. Stay safe, comply with instructions from authorities and experts, keep your hands clean, and prepare for the inevitable recovery. It remains to be seen whether or not our worst fears about coronavirus come true. Or if the unprecedented measures in place slows the spread of the virus to a point where Read More