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If marketing brings the customers in, and operations keeps them, finance keeps score. This is the banking end of the business. One Click Advisor can help you find and manage money. Additionally, there are ways to obtain money without going to the bank. Let One Click Advisor show you the way as you fund your business, or even find ways to improve cash flow and profits within the business you have now.

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Business continuity. How to get back up and running fast after emergencies

By James Chittenden Whether a shutdown, civil unrest, terrorism, or a natural disaster, there are huge rewards to a business continuity plan. Get back up and running fast after emergencies. Here is how. If you live in a disaster-prone area, invest in a little preparation.  For example, anyone who has spent years on the coast Read More

How to Streamline Expenses for Greater Business Success

By Derek Goodman As a small business owner, you must keep a strict eye on overhead costs and find ways to streamline expenses. After all, if you aren’t careful, these costs can easily eat into your profits. Therefore we have put together the following guide to help you better manage recurring costs and improve your Read More

Ready for a Green Business? Answer These 3 Questions

By Derek Goodman What does green business mean for you? A green business, or eco-friendly business cares about the environment and the people it serves. Often, ecopreneurs invest in non-toxic, fair trade products and focus on how to create sustainable facilities. Before you can begin your journey, you have to determine your readiness. So here are some Read More

Five small business services you should use when starting a business in the US.

By James Chittenden and Renata Castro, Esq. You have decided you want to start your own business. Now you need the best small business services and professionals to accomplish your goal.  All business owners need a “brain trust”; a team of specialized advisors and helpers. Small Business Service #1: CPA or Accountant Who is it Read More