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If marketing brings the customers in, and operations keeps them, finance keeps score. This is the banking end of the business. One Click Advisor can help you find and manage money. Additionally, there are ways to obtain money without going to the bank. Let One Click Advisor show you the way as you fund your business, or even find ways to improve cash flow and profits within the business you have now.

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ROK Financial and One Click Advisor

How Credit-Challenged Businesses May Get Unsecured Credit Lines

By James Chittenden If your business has credit challenges, you are far from alone. According to the Federal Reserve, half of all business owners don’t qualify for traditional business loans due to bad credit scores. Online lenders offer small business loans to borrowers with credit scores of 600 and lower.  What is ROK Financial? ROK Read More

oneclickadvisor and bench

Is it Time to Hire a Bookkeeper for Your Startup?

By James Chittenden No business owners can do everything right, and certain business chores are too essential to accomplish without expert help. If your startup is becoming a more formal business and you are hiring, congratulations. You are doing something right. But you still need experts to help with everyday functions that are part of Read More

One Click Advisor and Inbizability

3 Reasons NOW Is a Great Time to Start a Business

Guest Post by Derek Goodman, Inbizability Small businesses are buckling under the weight of COVID-19. Not only have nearly 100,000 businesses permanently closed since the onset of the pandemic, but 62 percent of small businesses fear the worst is yet to come. Under these conditions, it’s clearly a bad time to start a business. Or Read More

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How to Get and Use (Almost) Free Money for a Business

By James Chittenden Everyone wants free money or loans, and owners of startups and small businesses have pursued imagined prizes of grants and easy loans for decades. In reality, free money to start a small business is very rare. However, the political environment is favorable for economic relief for small businesses and self-employed people.  The Read More