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If marketing brings the customers in, and operations keeps them, finance keeps score. This is the banking end of the business. One Click Advisor can help you find and manage money. Additionally, there are ways to obtain money without going to the bank. Let One Click Advisor show you the way as you fund your business, or even find ways to improve cash flow and profits within the business you have now.

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Five New Ways to Increase Your Profits. Part 5: Upsell Current Customers

How to cut marketing costs and efforts. By James Chittenden Let’s put more money in your pocket by increasing sales and keeping your marketing expenses either constant or decreasing. We do that by selling to customers you already have. Upselling current customers is the best way to cut marketing costs and efforts. Did you know… Read More

Five New Ways to Increase Your Profits. Part 4: Update Your Break-Even

Revisit Your Break-Even Each Month and Reset Your Sales Goals Each Time. By James Chittenden Expenses change all the time, and therefore the revenue you must earn to pay them changes too. “Break-even analysis”, also known as ”break-even” is a misunderstood term, and means different things to different people. The path to increasing your profits Read More

Five New Ways to Increase Your Profits. Part 3: Speed Up Your Cash Flow

Part 3. Turn assets into cash with greater speed and frequency. Here is how. By James Chittenden If you are buying something for $1 and selling it for $2, your prosperity depends on how fast and how often you can turn over inventory. This is the working capital cycle; a measure of how long your Read More

Five New Ways to Increase Your Profits. Part 2: A Simple Way to Set Profit Margins

Part 2. Calculating Margins is Simple. Avoid This Rookie Mistake! By James Chittenden If pricing products scares you, you’re not alone. Incorrect pricing is very common. Novice business owners sometimes price too high, earning the contempt of their market. However, it is far more common to price too low in an attempt to gain market Read More