It is easy to focus on tasks instead of generating revenue. Focus on the high-value activities. People are often reluctant to delegate, but at some point, you must. Businesses normally have a CEO, chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, chief operating officer, and other key people. However, a small business owner often must be all of them. 

You cannot always do this. You need help in order to focus on high-value activities. If you cannot hire people, you can acquire or rent systems that save you time, such as a virtual assistant or trusted, part-time bookkeeper.

What are high value tasks? That’s simple. THIS is the priority:

-Generate revenue

Manage expenses

-Provide for the long-term growth and profitability of the business. 

-Acquire assets. Assets can either generate cash, be converted to cash, or ARE cash.

-Manage debt or make good use of debt. 

            Do NOT purchase short-term assets using long-term debt. 

You cannot afford to stay mired in low-level tasks if you are going to build company worth millions, much less billions. 

What next?

The book 99 Questions to ask BEFORE starting a business in the US gives owners of startups and small businesses the opportunity to learn from two industry experts about the different aspects of starting, operating, financing, and marketing a new business in the USA. Additionally, it is a primer for those considering visa options for those who seek to migrate to the US through a qualifying investment. The book 99 questions is available on Amazon and through Balboa Press

And finally…

Welcome to One Click Advisor! We would be remiss if we didn’t give you a brief tour of the site and what it can do for you, as an owner of a startup or small business. Your challenges and opportunities can be sorted into one of three areas.

Marketing, because it brings in the customers. That requires the right combination of price, product, promotion and place

Operations, because it keeps your customers. A well-run business pleases customers and generates steady and reliable revenue. But to be well-run, you need reliable providers

Finance, because it is the scoreboard, and keeps everybody paid. Change the “score”, find bookkeeping help, and find capital

The One Click Advisor Business Builder connects you with all the fundamentals. Skip the hours of research and costly mistakes…we have done the work of locating the best small business services for you.