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Corporations and LLCs mystify people. If that is you, or if you are just trying to decide if a corporation or LLC is best for you, watch this video.

  • Learn the difference between corporations and LLCs.
  • If you incorporate, should you get an S or C corporation? Why?
  • What is required in order to incorporate?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  • Do you really need a Delaware corporation?
  • How can you use a corporation or LLC to protect yourself from liability?
  • What are the basics of LLCs?
  • What is required to form an LLC?
  • What are the problems that an LLC can create?
  • Can an LLC limit your growth?
  • What sorts of businesses should establish LLCs instead of corporations?

Use this video to help you decide. You can always contact us with your questions, and answers are provided within one business day.

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