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Your incorporation, LLC and other small business legal services we offer are provided by attorneys. Our attorneys are selected for their expertise, specialty and experience. We can help you form your LLC or corporation efficiently and securely.

However, forming a corporation or LLC is usually only the beginning. Once your business has a legal formation, then what? How do you market, operate and fund the business? 

You don’t even need to leave this website to find out. One Click Advisor is your resource for starting and operating the business of your dreams. Incorporate or form your LLC with One Click Advisor and get books, videos, and courses with our complements. 

You can also get first rate business planning help…the One Click Advisor way! A business plan enables you to make your mistakes on paper, before you invest real capital. To assist you, we offer:

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Get Disaster Relief Funds For Your Business

By James Chittenden There are many disasters that can befall your business, and fortunately you can get disaster relief funds for your business under certain circumstances. Federal declarations set various relief programs in motion following natural disasters, pandemics, or other large scale negative economic events. If you live in a disaster-prone area, invest in a Read More

Act Now! You see it coming, so gather the following…

There are many disasters that can befall a business. Fire, flood, weather damage, and even mass shooting or terrorism can strike your business. You can’t usually predict disasters, but at least you can see a hurricane coming. In the event of a hurricane, you can often buy insurance up to 72 hours before projected landfall. Read More

How to Buy Small Business Assets at Bankruptcy Auctions

By James Chittenden Bankruptcies and foreclosures are court-ordered events that often result in business assets sold at auction. After the bankruptcy order is signed and issued by the court, the auction occurs 30-90 days later. And if you are looking to buy assets, this is an opportunity for you. Yes. You can FLIP assets, property, Read More

Getting Paid: Is a Square Device Right for You?

So you started a business and are ready to start selling your items. In addition to setting prices, you’ve got to set up business banking and select point-of-sale merchant processing. Square is everywhere. As a leader in point-of-sale (POS) systems, you have seen Square devices in small businesses everywhere. You have paid for meals, products, Read More