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Your incorporation, LLC and any other small business legal services we offer are provided by attorneys. Our attorneys are selected for their expertise, specialty and experience. We can help you form your LLC or corporation efficiently and securely.

However, forming a corporation or LLC is usually only the beginning. Once your business has a legal formation, then what? How do you market, operate and fund the business? 

You don’t even need to leave this website to find out. One Click Advisor is your resource for starting and operating the business of your dreams. Incorporate or form your LLC with One Click Advisor and get books, videos, and courses with our complements. 

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When to Outsource Tech Tasks in Your Business (and When Not To)

By Derek Goodman (Inbizability) Outsourcing the right way can help your small business handle tedious tasks more efficiently—tasks that would otherwise consume valuable time that your team could use on growing your company. And since technology plays such a major role in running a business these days, many of the jobs for which you might Read More

Five New Ways to Increase Your Profits. Part 3: Speed Up Your Cash Flow

Part 3. Turn assets into cash with greater speed and frequency. Here is how. By James Chittenden If you are buying something for $1 and selling it for $2, your prosperity depends on how fast and how often you can turn over inventory. This is the working capital cycle; a measure of how long your Read More

Five New Ways to Increase Your Profits. Part 2: A Simple Way to Set Profit Margins

Part 2. Calculating Margins is Simple. Avoid This Rookie Mistake! By James Chittenden If pricing products scares you, you’re not alone. Incorrect pricing is very common. Novice business owners sometimes price too high, earning the contempt of their market. However, it is far more common to price too low in an attempt to gain market Read More

Five New Ways to Increase Your Profits. Part 1: Compare Yourself to Your Industry

Part 1. To See Where You Should Be, Compare Yourself to Your Industry By James Chittenden Let’s put some more money in your pocket. The goal here is to help you find efficiencies within your business and increase your margins WITHOUT having to resort to layoffs, gimmicks, or imposing sticker shock pricing. Compare yourself to Read More