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One Click Advisor compares Indeed vs ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter vs. Indeed

There are many recruiting and job search sites that help connect employers with talent, and Indeed and ZipRecruiter are two leading sites. They both have a reputation for being easy to use, and for reaching a wide number of candidates. Indeed has a free plan and ZipRecruiter’s plan is a paid plan after one free Read More

One Click Advisor Job Sites and Recruiting

Best Job Sites for Small Business Owners

Hiring employees is always a challenge, and a cash-strapped startup or small business needs help finding good talent. Recruiting software helps businesses by posting open positions to job boards while keeping track of applicants. There are several, and many wonder what the difference between them is. We will focus on ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor and Indeed. ZipRecruiter Read More

Study: Gig Economy Explodes in 2020

As you may have noticed, secure, well-paying employment is hard to find and keep. Coronavirus made job insecurity far worse, forcing millions to find a path from employment to business ownership. Perhaps you know the feeling of wanting to quit the 9-5 or fearing the 9-5 will quit you first. In 1990, America’s three largest Read More

How equity helps small business founders get wealthy.

“If you can get people to work for you for free, you must be really good.” Founders should expect to work for free, without a salary, for an indefinite period of time, for something that has an 80 percent chance of failure. That is why most people won’t do it. Sure, some solopreneur founders will Read More