Margin Calculator

This margin calculator will help you to price correctly in order to maintain healthy profits and stay on par or better with your competitors. The variables include cost of good sold (COGS…what did the item cost you?), the price you sell it for, and your profit.

Markup Calculator

Markups are a popular way to determine price. It is simply the difference between cost and revenue. However, do not confuse markup and margin. They will yield different results.

Margin with Discount Calculator

This tool comes in handy if you are trying to maintain a minimum profit level while still offering a discount to a valued customer, or negotiating a bulk sale. 

Website Ad Revenue Calculator

If you own a website and sell advertising, this calculator will help you determine how much traffic you will need in order to meet revenue goals.  In other words, you may charge advertisers an amount per 1000 impressions and need to know how much traffic is necessary to pay your bills. This calculator does not distinguish between different banners on a page, it merely accounts for revenue per page impression. 

CPM Calculator

CPM is short for “Cost Per Thousand”, as “M” is the Roman numeral for 1000. If you are looking to advertise your products or services and need to buy traffic, this calculator will help you to evaluate the best use of your advertising budget. You will be able to compare CPM from different websites. 

Online Marketing Conversion Calculator

Accurate accounting of your marketing funnels can be elusive, but this calculator can be of great help. Variables include from the top of the funnel to the bottom: impressions, CTR (click through rate), visits, leads, and at last, customers. With this calculator, you can determine your cost per click, lead, and per customer and your revenue per click, per lead, and per customer.

Software Contract Value Calculator

You may have a software company and you want to estimate your budget. It is common for software companies to struggle with determining ACV, or annual contract value…what a software company can expect to earn from a contract. 

Variables include cost per user, number of users granted access to the software, any discounts you may offer, and duration of contract.
If you are buying software, this calculator can help you to check the accuracy of what the software sales rep is telling you.