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Marketing brings the business in the door. It is part art, part science. Your business may be a traditional “brick and mortar” establishment or you may be selling online, or both. Either way, One Click Advisor can guide you as you set your course. Here, you will get valuable insight and tools. We will help you find your customers or clients, and we will help you to price, promote and place your products and services appropriately.

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Working with the dark side. Use media-generated anger to boost your business.

By James Chittenden The Dark Side! Anger sells. Major media is skilled at magnifying conflict and stoking anger. It is in the best interest of magazines, newspapers, cable news, and tabloids to keep you outraged. It is also in the best interest of political parties, interest groups, and related businesses to spin reporters and editors Read More

How Small Businesses and Good Local Pros Can Find Each Other.

You have likely used, or at least heard of online sites where you can find home repair experts. Small businesses also need good local pros , but can have difficulty finding each other. The One Click Advisor Professional Referral Network offers a site where small businesses and good local pros can find each other. What Read More

How to sell your homemade products to big retailers

By James Chittenden You have always known that your family’s jelly recipe is far superior to anything that is sold at the big grocery store chain in town. Or perhaps you have developed some other product at home that the public should be able to buy. However, you don’t know how to sell your homemade Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Data Visualization in Marketing

By Derek Goodman Data visualization is an important skill for marketing professionals to have in their toolkit. It allows you to take complex data sets and distill them into easily digestible and visually appealing graphics that can be used to inform and persuade your audience. When used effectively, data visualizations can help you make a Read More