Move From Employee to Entrepreneur.

Don’t read this if you are happily employed by a large corporation, government, or other institution, and don’t want to make a change.

Otherwise, read to the end because this is about making a change from employee to entrepreneur.

40. Hold onto that number for a moment. 40.

Maybe you should quit the boss before your boss quits you. 

If you are one of millions who lost a job since 2020, you might be interested to know a couple of statistics. 

Only 13 percent of household incomes of over $100,000 reported an income disruption.

However, 40 PERCENT of household incomes of $40,000 or less were laid off or furloughed.

That tells a story of untold millions of people who were treated poorly on the job, then jettisoned as soon as management started experiencing some coronavirus-related challenges.

If you are skilled, experienced, hardworking and yet were one of the “expendable “ 40 percent of those making $40k or less, use this time to trade up.

Bad bosses are a major cause of employer turnover. According to a Gallup poll, 75% of people who leave their jobs do so because of management, not compensation. If you want to change your life and be unbossed, some planning is needed.

From 9 to 5 life to startup life

THIS is your chance to re-imagine your life. Cubicles, time sheets, bad managers, fighting traffic at the beginning and end of the day, and the anxiety that comes with a bad job…can all be in the past.

Entrepreneurship. It’s possible. Your next CEO could be in the mirror. Create a situation where you finally work for someone who looks out for your best interest. Spend your efforts, time and skills doing what you want. Earn what you are worth, which is way more than $40,000 annually or whatever someone else decides it is.

It’s not easy and most people do not make it work. However, if you are dissatisfied enough with your current situation, maybe you can make it work. If you have a great business idea in your mind that you always wanted to try, look at starting that business.

Even better, you can do it without draining your free time, energy or life savings.

It does require planning. This is not just a job change. Moving from employee life to startup life is a completely different existence.

Side Hustle -> Main Hustle -> Unbossed Life

What does this plan look like? Imagine working a full-time job while taking college classes at night to earn a degree. You have seen friends do this; maybe you have done this yourself. The same sort of prioritizing and energy is going to be required here.  

  • If the job provides sufficient flexibility and income, keep it for as long as possible. 
  • Build the business after work hours. The rule is: 9 to 5 pays the bills, and 5 to 9 builds the empire. 
  • Use whatever resources that are available at your current employer. This includes specialized expertise.
  • Finally, plan and set goals. Every day should produce something meaningful. Think S.M.A.R.T., which means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based.
What is the right business?

First, find something you are talented at, and if you enjoy it, so much the better. If you are short on funds, use your skills.

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Perhaps you bring valuable skills from your job to your startup.

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