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If marketing brings the customers in, operations keeps customers. An operationally excellent business gets things done, on time, as expected, and earns steady profits for its owners. In order for a business to deliver on its promises, it needs systems. Systems provide continuity. Systems provide consistency. Systems provide certainty!

A business requires a myriad of systems. Here, you will find guidance on:

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How to save money on business taxes

By James Chittenden Business success is fun, but business taxes are not. They are an unavoidable part of making money, but there are ways to save money on business taxes. Use these strategies to improve the lives of yourself and employees, save some money on your business taxes, and increase your take-home profits.  Tony Morales is Read More

How to sell your homemade products to big retailers

By James Chittenden You have always known that your family’s jelly recipe is far superior to anything that is sold at the big grocery store chain in town. Or perhaps you have developed some other product at home that the public should be able to buy. However, you don’t know how to sell your homemade Read More

Act Now! You see it coming, so gather the following…

There are many disasters that can befall a business. Fire, flood, weather damage, and even mass shooting or terrorism can strike your business. You can’t usually predict disasters, but at least you can see a hurricane coming. In the event of a hurricane, you can often buy insurance up to 72 hours before projected landfall. Read More

How to Buy Small Business Assets at Bankruptcy Auctions

By James Chittenden Bankruptcies and foreclosures are court-ordered events that often result in business assets sold at auction. After the bankruptcy order is signed and issued by the court, the auction occurs 30-90 days later. And if you are looking to buy assets, this is an opportunity for you. Yes. You can FLIP assets, property, Read More