From Headlines to Profits – “Do It Yourself” Public Relations Course

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Customers and prospective customers may not believe your ads, but they will take you seriously if they read about you in the news. Credibility is a solid foundation on which to build your public reputation, and a solid public reputation makes sales much easier.

The benefits of getting published in the media

A substantial increase in media mentions can provide significant benefits. Do you want traffic that you don’t have to pay for? Would you like a major newspaper linking to you? This course will teach you how.

One recent study showed that media coverage resulted in an average of a 190% increase in social media sharing. Media coverage and social media multiply each other. We show you techniques in using publicity and social media together, with exponential benefits.

Credibility. Studies show that people are up to eight times more likely to believe media coverage than they are advertisements or paid celebrity or athlete endorsements. This course will teach you how to shape that coverage to your advantage.

What you will receive:

  • Eight modules. Each module is a video and a workbook.
  • Bonus module. You will learn crisis communications and turning bad news into potential advantages.
  • The eleven proven keys to media attention.
  • How to position yourself as an expert, getting you quoted in major media in a matter of days.
  • Kick-ass press releases
  • Social media secrets; when is the best time to post content, according to each platform.
  • Advanced, but quick and easy research techniques.
  • This is a “hands-on” experience intended to get you publicized before you are finished with the course.
  • Scripts to use when contacting reporters and editors.

This course contains 9 Videos and 9 E-books

Module 1 The Nature of News

In order to get your story told, you have to develop a solid working knowledge of newsworthiness. It isn’t what most people think. In The Nature of News, you will learn what really sells news, both to the public and to reporters and editors. Learn the media’s perspective and position yourself and your story correctly. Buy Single Module

Module 2 How to Handle Reporters

Working with reporters properly pays off…big time! Do you want positive coverage? We will again put you in the shoes of a reporter so that you can understand their pressures as well as their goals. Handle that correctly and array the power of the media to your advantage. Buy Single Module

Module 3 Thought Leadership

Be known as an expert and a resource, not a salesperson. We will hand you powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tools that you can use to quickly increase visibility and page rank. Through highly targeted blogging, publication of stories that you write, and collaborating with other sites, you become known to your audience on your terms. Best of all, you control the timing, frequency and quality. You do it when you want, as often as you want, and as well as you want. Buy Single Module

Module 4 Efficient PR Efforts

Like advertising, PR is far more effective if targeted precisely. You cannot talk to everybody. Save time and money by only talking to the people and businesses that are most likely to buy from you. By using market research techniques, we teach you how to locate your prospective customers with great precision, using free resources available online or from your local library. Once you have found the audience, we will show you how to use social media to reach them. Buy Single Module

Module 5 How to Write Fantastic Press Releases

You don’t need to have the writing skills of Shakespeare to generate great press releases, nor do you need a gold-plated PR firm to gain credibility with journalists. However, you do need to know how to write a press release that stands out in a busy newsroom, where there may be hundreds of other press releases competing for an editor’s attention in any given day. This proven, yet simple approach offers the best chance at success. Buy Single Module

Module 6 Active Public Relations

How to get reporters to notice you. PR requires relationships with reporters and editors. If you want them to use material that YOU supply, you need to establish a relationship from a position of credibility. We will teach you how to gain those relationships, and make you a “go-to” expert when these reporters need quotes or insights. Buy Single Module

Module 7 Passive Public Relations

How to get reporters to come to you. Reporters write stories every day, and those stories need subject matter experts. We will introduce you to some valuable tools that you can use in a “passive” posture, where a reporter’s need becomes your opportunity. There is a right way to position yourself, which you will learn in this critical module. Reporters need you. We will get you ready to answer the call. Buy Single Module

Module 8 Return on Investment

Does public relations pay off? Bottom-line oriented business owners and executives want to see a payoff on PR efforts. You will learn how to measure the value of PR, and see examples of outsized benefits that are possible as a result of your PR investment. You CAN promote your way out of a sales problem and gain the media’s help in your efforts to boost sales and revenue. Also, what is it worth to you to stay out of the spotlight in the event of legal or regulatory trouble? We will look at PR from an MBA perspective and answer your questions about value. Buy Single Module

Module 9 BONUS Bad News! Ways to manage a public relations crisis.

What do you do when an investigative reporter comes to your door? What do you do when 60 Minutes calls? Nobody wants to be in the spotlight for the wrong reason. However, somebody always is. That is the human condition and that is the nature of media. Should you find yourself in this unfortunate place, we will outline some things you should absolutely do and not do. There are some excellent strategies available to navigate trouble. You can minimize the damage, and quite possibly emerge stronger. We lay it out for you in this bonus module. This module is only available with the purchase of the full course.

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  1. Melissa Devereaux

    This course was insightful. I had no idea about how to get published in media until taking this course. I highly recommend this course as it gives you all of the strategies pr firms use.

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