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Claudia Fehribach
Executive Vice President

104 Berenger Walk

Fehribach Financial Group

Phone: 561-309-1729
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Rob Stevenson
Marketing Director

223 Buchanan Close
Edmonton, AB T6R 2B7

Rob Stevenson
Web Designer

As the prior owner of a web design and development agency Rob has developed the skills and knowledge to intuitively build and design web based solutions that work. Services include wordpress plugin development, custom PHP development API integrations and design for print a web.

Phone: 780-242-6207
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Samantha Dammer

620 E Twiggs St
Tampa, FL 33602

Samantha L Dammer, PA
Business Attorney

I am an attorney licensed in Florida (2007) and Illinois (1998) with experience in civil litigation, currently concentrating my practice in bankruptcy law, real estate litigation, foreclosure solutions, family law, as well as comprehensive asset protection and debt restructuring. My firm provides a holistic approach to clients who are seeking relief from real estate related financial distress, foreclosure or pre-foreclosure issues.

Phone: (813)288-0303
Fax: 813-466-7495
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