By James McCain, Dusk Rise

Cybersecurity is like insurance. You don’t think you need it until you do, but then it’s too late. 

Businesses are liable for the data they collect. You could purchase data insurance to protect against loss. Better yet, you can prevent against the breach in the first place. 

It is like buying car insurance. The claim is paid after the loss. However, it is better to prevent the loss in the first place. That protection is available through a Dusk Rise Dogma device.

How it works

You plug the device into your network via an ethernet cable. Open an app on your phone and scan via a QR code. This creates a new wi-fi network. You are now connected and your network is now secure with any breach confined to one employee. 

Zero Trust  is a security framework modeled after the principle of “never trust, always verify”. Traditionally, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses a  username and password, but Zero Trust inverts that, with the device negating the need for any additional user input, such as a username, password or other credentials. They are no longer needed. 

How it benefits your business

If there is a data breach at the location of a remote network/employee, you can control the network and immediately isolate the employee’s workspace, preventing further  spread. 

Cluster25 cybersecurity research team constantly obtains intelligence on the latest threats. No additional IT security products or services are needed. Cluster25 integrates with your device.

Business owners often consider the cost above all else. For a modest yearly investment, a business can protect the remote network of their entire team. 

Who created this service?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a new cybersecurity threat emerged with remote networks targeted. DuskRise was created by a senior executive at a large telecom firm in Europe. 

What sort of remote businesses are vulnerable?

  • Call centers
  • Law firms
  • Consultants
  • Fully remote organizations
  • Data sensitive organizations
  • Executive teams
  • Engineers
  • Any business with a post-Covid 19 remote network.

Learn more

Contact DuskRise or james.mccain@duskrise.com .

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