Can I set up a corporation or LLC if I live outside the United States?

There are many people outside of the United States who wish to establish U.S.-based corporations or LLCs. Business owners who live outside of the U.S. choose to do so because they have U.S. customers, or U.S.-based investments or property. They frequently want U.S. bank accounts as well, and need to accept or make payments in Read More

What Exactly is a PLLC?

What Exactly is a PLLC? A Professional LLC, or PLLC is designed for licensed professions such as accountants, engineers, attorneys, architects, or doctors. LLCs allow for certain tax benefits and limited liability, but if a license is required, an LLC is not allowed. PLLCs allow these licensed but regulated professionals an opportunity to gain the Read More

Stories from the bank:”A warrior starts a business”

“Justin” is a 28 year old entrepreneur who sells nutritional supplements online. After a four-year tour as a U.S. Army infantry officer, he was able to amass approximately $40,000 in personal savings, thanks largely to exclusions on income tax of combat zone pay. He contacted me for assistance with setting up his business banking. He Read More