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By Renata Castro, Esq. 

Living in the United States is a dream that goes hand in hand with starting a business, for present and soon to be entrepreneurs all over the world. 

Small Businesses in the US

Yearly, over 600,000 new businesses open in the USA. Small businesses are an essential element of the world’s strongest economy. According to Fundera, there are 30.2 million small businesses in the USA, and they make up 99.9% of all US Businesses. In addition, 47.5% – close to half of the total workers in the United States work in a small business. Almost half of Fortune 500 businesses were founded by first or second-generation immigrants.

Starting a business anywhere in the world can be both a thrill and a challenge, however, for foreign entrepreneurs the stakes are higher. The success of a foreign entrepreneur’s business can be the difference between living in the USA and having to uproot your family to another country. 

Although the United States has a wide variety of visas available for those who desire to become an entrepreneur, choosing the right one can be a challenge. 

Foreign entrepreneurs frequently struggle with finding reliable information about successfully running a business, as well as choosing the right business to start. Because oneclickadvisor.com is a portal focused on entrepreneurial success, a content partnership between oneclickadvisor.com and Castro Legal Group will now make information available for those seeking to move to the USA using an investment-based visa or green card program. 

Even though entrepreneurs seeking a visa such as an E-2, EB-5, L-1A, or EB-2/NIIW may have to fulfill different requirements imposed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”), some basic concepts stand true no matter who is starting a business:

  1. A business plan is your best friend. Planning on paper is not only a requirement for most, if not all, investment-based visa applications, it is the best place to lay forth a path to reach your business goals. 
  2. The right attorney can make all the difference. Having a qualified attorney assisting you from the beginning can ensure your American Dream doesn’t become a nightmare. 
  3. Business principles are key for success. Learning good financial principles will make sure that you are running your business optimally, therefore increasing the likelihood of success of your business and your visa application. 
  4. Entrepreneurs can be both positive and realistic. It is imperative to listen to credible advice that is given to you – good and bad. Market research, due diligence, and prudence can walk hand in hand with your entrepreneurial spirit. Analyzing information that is undesirable and making sure you adapt your course of action to maximize your possibilities of success. 
  5. Information is your best friend.  A portal like One Click Advisor can provide you with useful information and data for many business needs such as insurance, payroll providers, supplies – all things which can make your life as an entrepreneur easier. 

One Click Advisor and Castro Legal Group are committed to the dream of entrepreneurship in the USA. Going forward, you – foreign entrepreneur – will find on One Click Advisor:

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Next week’s article will discuss the E-2 visa, which allows investors who are citizens of treaty countries, to live in the USA legally through an investment. 

And finally…

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The United States remains a place of opportunity for entrepreneurs at home and from around the world.

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