While cheerleaders have an important place in your life, great mentors are far more valuable. A cheerleader is rarely a mentor and a mentor is rarely a cheerleader. 

A cheerleader loves you just the way you are. However, a mentor loves you too much to let you stay the way you are.

All business owners need great mentors. This is your “brain trust” of advisors. They may include finance experts, attorneys, or even that successful but abrasive family member.

Don’t be afraid to get your feelings hurt. Here’s a secret. You will learn a lot about your business by applying for a loan and getting declined. The loan underwriters will meticulously go through your financial statements and tax returns in a financial x-ray of your business. Ask the banker to explain why you were declined, and you will obtain vital insight into the health of your business. Consider it free consulting.

Customer complaints are a form of mentoring. Consider them a memo pad, reminding you of something that needs improvement.

How to find great mentors

  1. Ask. Don’t be afraid of rejection; it’s part of life. And don’t be afraid to come across as pesky, because only the persistent qualify for the prize. If you want someone’s advice, keep asking, but do it right.
  2. Get to know the mentor. Learn about relevant details of the person’s life and business, within reason of course. Too much detail about children, spouse, or personal life is more likely to attract a restraining order than a mentor.
  3. Remember that it is a two-way street. Offer to assist and help in exchange for the mentor’s time, attention, and interest.

“Dear X, my name is Y. I have been reading about your work and business. I am interested in hearing how you went from nothing to $8 million in sales within four years. Would it be possible for us to have a brief call or virtual meeting within two weeks?”

Now what?

The book 99 Questions to ask BEFORE starting a business in the US gives foreign investors the opportunity to learn from two industry experts about the different aspects of starting, operating, financing, and marketing a new business in the USA. This book also contains details about visa options for those who seek to migrate to the US through a qualifying investment. The book 99 questions is available on Amazon and through Balboa Press

And finally…

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