Nobody can define your success routine; only you can do that based on your own habits. But balance is necessary in all things business and life. All of the following are part of success routines:

Sleep. The amount of sleep needed depends on many things, but seven or more hours is ideal for adults 18 years of age or older.

Exercise. The stressful life of a startup or small business owner requires fitness and exercise. Adults should exercise for approximately 150 minutes per week. What time of day is best? While exercise at any time is better than none, the expert consensus is that morning exercise breeds consistency in sleep and diet.

Diet. The graphic below sums it up best, but avoid foods that make you feel uncomfortable. Avoid inflammatory foods and load up on greens and clean water. Owners of startups and small businesses could benefit from a diet that emphasizes foods that help the body cope with stress.

Read and study. Part of a success routine is commitment to continuous learning. Sure, learning gives you knowledge, but if you read like a success, you will feel like a success, which will help you to become a success.

Prayer, meditation and deep work. Prayer and meditation calm and soothe the spirit. Deep work is a complicated pursuit, but the essence of deep work is contacting issues at their roots, and solving them there. Take time to do these things daily for help at the soul level.

Also, have some fun

In all things, balance. We may tell ourselves that work is fun. But that isn’t always true. You must set aside time each day to avoid burnout. Take breaks, but don’t quit. Breaks often take the form of fun, whatever that means to you. 

What else do I need to know as an entrepreneur?

The book 99 Questions to ask BEFORE starting a business in the US gives owners of startups and small businesses the opportunity to learn from two industry experts about the different aspects of starting, operating, financing, and marketing a new business in the USA. It is also a primer of visa options for those who seek to migrate to the US through a qualifying investment. The book 99 questions is available on Amazon and through Balboa Press

And finally…

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