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By James Chittenden

Finding and hiring good candidates for jobs is a challenge and a constant chore for many employers. There are many recruiting and job search sites that help connect employers with talent, and ZipRecruiter is a leading site. ZipRecruiter has a reputation for being easy to use, and for reaching a wide number of candidates. ZipRecruiter’s plan is a paid plan after one free trial period of four days.

What is ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is a service that distributes a job listing to over 100 job boards instantly. Additionally, it captures data from your candidates from all of these job boards. It eliminates the need to gather and filter applications from multiple job sites, and the interface and app are simple and easy to use.

The site aggregates jobs and automatically updates job advertisements from multiple internet sources. ZipRecruiter makes it easy to view by consolidating the jobs it in one place. ZipRecruiter also is a job search engine and powerful resume search tool.

Visit ZipRecruiter and start a free trial.

Posting Your Job

You will find ZipRecruiter’s process easy and intuitive. In fact, we have found it to be easier and cleaner than any other major recruiting service we have used, including Indeed and Glassdoor. As you answer a few standard questions, you find ZipRecruiter providing timely suggestions and solutions. For example, when you post the job title, ZipRecruiter pops up a pre-written job description, saving time and work:

Compensation is always tricky. You often don’t know if the number you have in mind is within the range of norms. If you are unsure of appropriate compensation for the job given the market and location, ZipRecruiter provides a range.

You then add screening questions. There is a “Deal-Breaker” option that will auto-hide candidates that either omit the question or do not provide the answer you want.

Using the Platform

You can easily search for candidates under the Resume Database by using keywords, location, distance, or a variety of minimum qualifications such as education or veteran status. If you are recruiting in a large city, we do recommend narrowing the search to the smallest possible radius. If the position is a common one such as “sales”, you will be overwhelmed with a very large number of candidate resumes if you aren’t highly specific. So include as much criteria as possible. If you do not find suitable candidates, open up the radius to a higher range.

You can easily promote, or boost your job. Whether you want to reach out to highly qualified candidates or share the job on social media, you can easily do so under the “Manage” button. Then select “Share Job” under the title of your active posting.

ZipRecruiter’s many features includes the ability to run a background check via GoodHire. There is an additional expense for background checks, so we only recommend doing them if you have settled on a candidate. Extend an offer of employment that is contingent on a successful background check. Fees for GoodHire background checks range from $29-$79. The fee depends on the number of background checks needed.

Who should use ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is great for employers who hire regularly, and who must hire quickly. ZipRecruiter offers a solution for employers that find themselves overwhelmed by candidates. If Indeed is like the Google of job boards, ZipRecruiter is like the Cadillac of recruiting sites.

ZipRecruiter is an intuitive platform that was designed by experienced recruiters.

ZipRecruiter Limitations

ZipRecruiter is an outstanding, well-conceived platform and a great value for high-volume hiring managers. However, it is not perfect and may not be suitable for businesses on a tight budget.

  • Specialty job boards, such as veteran hiring, incur an upcharge.
  • There is no posting by default to the largest job boards such as Indeed or Monster.
  • Auto-renewal of subscription and fees requires attention or else your subscription remains in effect for an additional month with no pro-rated refund.
  • You cannot post domestic jobs such as a nanny or housekeeper.
  • If you are posting more than one job, you must sort all of the applications that come to your dashboard into each different job posting.

Costs. What’s the deal there?

We posted one position and received a quote. Costs vary. Our position was for a digital project manager in the New York, NY area.

Everybody gets a four-day free trial. Four days? On the surface, that sounds inadequate.

However, the job posting process is fast and your job is instantly up on over 100 job boards. We posted a position in under 10 minutes.

Your job is well-targeted and ZipRecruiter claims that 80 percent of employers who post a job on the site get a quality candidate on the first day. We found that to be the case as well, with five excellent candidates in our inbox very quickly.

If all you want is to recruit a new employee in under four days, use the free trial.

ZipRecruiter pricing is not published. Generally speaking, plans start at $249 per month. Our quoted price was $16 per day after the expiration of the free trial, which is $480 per month. The Standard level plan distributes your job to over 100 job boards.

The Premium level plan also distributes your job to over 100 job boards. In addition, your job gets priority placement in alert job e-mails to potential candidates. ZipRecruiter has a database of 25 million resumes, so your Premium level gets you access to that database.

Premium is an additional $8 per day.

For the free trial, please note that you must cancel your trial within the four-day period or your card will be charged. ZipRecruiter does not pro-rate a canceled month, so if you are charged, you will pay for a full 30 days. If you cancel even one day after the four day trial period, you are paying for one full month. To cancel, go to “ZipRecruiter”. Then go to “My Account”, select “Subscription”, and then “Cancel Free Trial”.

ZipRecruiter Customer Service

ZipRecruiter offers support online at support@ziprecruiter. ZipRecruiter customers also get a live chat feature. ZipRecruiter offers phone support for customers, available at 1 (877)252-1062.

And finally…

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