One Click Advisor compares Indeed vs ZipRecruiter

By James Chittenden

There are many recruiting and job search sites that help connect employers with talent, and Indeed and ZipRecruiter are two leading sites. They both have a reputation for being easy to use, and for reaching a wide number of candidates. Indeed has a free plan and ZipRecruiter’s plan is a paid plan after one free trial period of four days.

Indeed is the largest job board in the United States. Some 3 million businesses post open jobs on Indeed, and it contains more than 200 million resumes from job seekers. You can post unlimited jobs on Indeed for free, unlike Glassdoor’s free version which is limited to three initial job posts.

ZipRecruiter is a service that distributes a job listing to over 100 job boards instantly. Additionally, it captures data from your candidates from all of these job boards. It eliminates the need to gather and filter applications from multiple job sites, and the interface and app are simple and easy to use.



One Click Advisor and Indeed


Instant Match Instant Match is a feature that screens the most qualified candidates for a particular posting. The job must be “sponsored”, in other words, a paid job post. Instant Match allows you to contact the most qualified candidates in the area even if they haven’t applied for your job.

Company Page Indeed offers a company page at no charge. You can create a company page with photos, videos, and some basic information about your company, along with performance data. There is a premium version available with advanced performance data as well as analytics on competitors. Additionally, Indeed has an answer to Glassdoor’s company reviews . Job seekers can read reviews that include internal insights about your company and other information including pay and benefits.

Dashboard This simple display offers statistics on applicants; which ones have been interviewed, rejected, reviewed, as well as easy access to their names and resumes. Additionally, multiple users can view and add feedback to candidate profiles.

Paid Job Postings Known as “sponsored” posts, Indeed requires posts to be paid in many cases. Sponsored posts do appear at the top of search results, as other unpaid posts move further back in search results as they age. There is a search engine optimization benefit as well, since Indeed sends sponsored jobs to blogs and other job boards.


Indeed starts free, but often requires that a job posting is “sponsored”, which is paid advertising. For $100-$250/monthly, you can contact 30-100 job seekers who have not applied for your job.

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When should you use Indeed? Use Indeed when actively seeking applicants. Indeed is also suitable for businesses that need to recruit on a tight budget. If ZipRecruiter is like the Cadillac of job sites, Indeed is like the Google of job boards.

What are some limitations of Indeed? Indeed is its own job board, so there are no other places where your job will be posted. And while Indeed does offer free postings, it has limitations. For example, a frequent complaint is automatic flagging of posts which are then removed, on vague grounds of, “…deemed not consistent with Indeed’s quality standards”. If you must post one job in multiple locations, expect to pay. Such postings will require “sponsorship” which can start at $5 per day per posting per location.



One Click Advisor ZipRecruiter


Applicant Tracking System ZipRecruiter has a marketplace and the ATS enables you to post your jobs directly to the ZipRecruiter marketplace. HireVue, Greenhouse and more are ATS integrate with the ZipRecruiter marketplace.

Pre-Written Job Descriptions ZipRecruiter has created a library of templates for different jobs and industries. There are over 500 of them and they can be easily customized.

Screening Questions ZipRecruiter allows you to customize screening questions so that you can only work with candidates that meet your non-negotiable requirements. ZipRecruiter provides pre-written questions in advance for your use.

Candidate Matching ZipRecruiter’s candidate matching tools add precision to your candidate search by scanning thousands of resumes. You can contact the candidates and send them a pre-written message inviting them to apply for your job.


ZipRecruiter does offer a four-day free trial. They do not publish pricing, but the Standard plan starts at $249 per month with one job. For 50 reusable slots, ZipRecruiter can cost upward of $1569 per month.

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When should you use ZipRecruiter? ZipRecruiter is for employers who hire regularly, and who must hire quickly. ZipRecruiter is not the most inexpensive option, but offers a solution for employers that find themselves overwhelmed by candidates. If Indeed is like the Google of job boards, ZipRecruiter is like the Cadillac of recruiting sites.

ZipRecruiter is an intuitive platform that was designed by experienced recruiters.

What are some limitations of ZipRecruiter? ZipRecruiter does offer a four-day trial. That is long enough to set it up, familiarize yourself with it, post jobs, and get a few candidates to work with. However, four days is all you get. After four days, you will start paying, and the plans start at $249 per month. By comparison, Indeed postings are largely free.

Indeed and ZipRecruiter Customer Service

Both services offer support online. ZipRecruiter customers get a live chat feature. ZipRecruiter offers phone support for customers, available at 1 (877)252-1062. Indeed also offers a live chat as well as phone support for customers at 1 (800)462-5862.

What’s the bottom line?

ZipRecruiter and Indeed are both excellent tools for recruiting. While ZipRecruiter is easy for business owners to use, it can be expensive. However, ZipRecruiter’s candidate matching service lends greater precision to your candidate search, saving untold hours. Many employers use all three of these services and more. By doing so, they cast a wide net, enabling them to cover many hiring needs and target a wide range of candidates.

The best approach is to try them all. Take advantage of free trials from ZipRecruiter and free postings at Indeed.

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