By Renata Castro, Esq.

People from all over the world share a common dream – opening a business in the United States. Not only does the opening of a business in the USA provides a way to make money in one of the strongest currencies in the world – the American Dollar. 

The E-2 visa allows citizens of several countries which are part of a treaty with the United States to live in the United States legally with their families while running a business – big or small. I published an article on oneclickadvisor.com providing useful answers on the E-2 visa such as: 

  • What is the E-2 visa?
  • Who qualifies for the E-2 visa?
  • How much do I need to invest to qualify for the E-2 visa?
  • Will I need a business plan?

Additional details about the E-2 visa are available here

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Starting a business can be quite overwhelming. There will be several questions you will have related to the right business for you. After all, you will be uprooting your family to the United States, and the success and continuity of your American Dream through the renewal of your E-2 visa is directly connected to the success and continuity of your business. 

You have options when investing in a business in the USA connected with an E-2 visa for you and your family. James Chittenden, business consultant and founder of oneclickadvisor.com discusses below some of the advantages of the different options you have as a foreign entrepreneur looking to start your journey of being a business owner in the USA. 

You can invest in a franchise. 

Acquiring a franchise allows you to be a part of a collective entrepreneurial intelligence which has already a lot of the hard work for you such as developing marketing strategies, and processes and procedures. Selecting a franchise to buy is part of an overall plan of starting a business. You can start that process now, including finding the right franchise right here. Or you can directly contact the different franchises, although that would mean a lot more work for you. Obtain a copy of 99 Questions to Ask BEFORE Starting a Business in the US, to learn about some of the questions you should be asking yourself on YOUR journey to being a business owner in the U.S. 

You can start a new business.

 Starting a business can be one of the most rewarding options for anyone, including someone looking to obtain an E-2 visa to live and run a business in the U.S. Planning is key to success when starting a business anywhere in the world, so a business plan is an essential block in the foundation of your new business. You will likely need a business plan to assist in the running of your business, as well as a business plan designed to support your immigration petition for an E-2 visa. You can start writing your business plan by using low-cost software, or you can use a professional business consultant. You can find options listed on the oneclickadvisor.com’s own Professional Referral Service

You can purchase an existing business. 

 Purchasing an existing business allows you, foreign entrepreneur, to hit the ground running and have a business ready to be operated from day one. A business broker, such as Fernando Mello, a member of oneclickadvisor.com’s Professional Referral Service, can be an option for someone overwhelmed with the process of searching for a business which satisfies both best business principles and immigration requirements. To get started, select Start Your Business and simply answer the questions.  

No matter what type of business you decide to pursue, , learning about good business principles can be difference between business failure and success. Essential business principles vary, and some of them are:

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